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We specialize in providing a wide array of commercial power and pressure washing services. Our technicians have the skills, experience, and qualifications to maintain different types of facilities across San Diego, deterring bug infestations or possible scavengers and vandals. We service various businesses, from hospitals, shopping malls, and rental units to different commercial properties, such as parking lots, garages, dumpster areas, and warehouses. Our team can also address different types of surfaces, from asphalt and concrete to stucco and brick. Finally, we can get your fleet of trucks and cars shiny and looking great, so feel free to contact us and discuss your needs.

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Explore the numerous advantages of paint striping

We offer efficient striping services for different types of commercial areas, including parking lots, sidewalks, patios, dumpster areas, and garages. Our technicians can stripe paint on different surfaces, including metal, wood, and masonry. We can determine the correct amount of pressure and adequate distance to ensure the paint is adequately applied without causing any damage to your property. By combining proper methods and techniques with cutting-edge commercial tools and equipment, our specialist bring the following benefits: 

  • Correction of previous striping mistakes 
  • Reduced risk of damaging vehicle doors
  • Enhanced aesthetics of your exterior areas
  • Compliance with all the latest ADA protocols
  • Improved traffic and pedestrian flow across your property
  • Increased safety at your commercial property & parking lot
  • Reduced risk of potential legal liabilities for you and your business

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Pick up a phone and call our helpful customer service reps that will listen to your needs and recommend the most suitable solution. You can also use our easy and intuitive online booking system and schedule a commercial pressure washing service in San Diego in one minute. We will quickly dispatch a team of specialists and they will give your property a fresh new look in no time. With our assistance, you can meet relevant health and safety standards, impress potential clients and business associates, and even enhance employee satisfaction. Call us today!

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We have created a company culture of business excellence that rests on our timely response, flexible and customizable service, and honest communication with all our customers.

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We have taken the time to assemble our team of insured and bonded technicians by carefully checking their professional backgrounds to ensure they can uphold our high standards.

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We will listen to your specific requirements regarding your commercial power and pressure wash before implementing your suggestions, paying attention to the smallest of details.

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We have created an extensive quality checklist that all our employees follow in order to give each of our commercial customers the same high level of service every time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is commercial pressure and power washing?

    Commercial pressure washing refers to use of high-pressure water spray for removing dirty and more stubborn buildups in different commercial applications. On the other hand, commercial power washing is basically the same process and the only difference is in the water temperature. 

    While commercial pressure washing uses cold water, commercial power washing requires the use of water at a temperature of 250 to 320 degrees, depending on the type of commercial property. In both instances, water pressure is approximately 3000 psi with a discharge rate of 5 gallons a minute. 

    At Arrow Commercial Pressure Washing of San Diego, we offer expertise-based commercial pressure and power washing services to business owners across San Diego. Maintaining a clean commercial property is paramount for ensuring a healthy and safe environment free from pests. It also increases your property’s appeal, making a professional impression on your customers while ensuring high employee morale and satisfaction. 

    Owing to our advanced methods and supplies, your parking lot, garage, or any other type of commercial property will stay clean for a prolonged period of time. We will inspect your property and listen to your requirements to create a unique plan that suits your needs.

  • Why hire a professional pressure washing service?

    There are several important reasons why you should consider hiring a commercial pressure washing service to clean your property: 

    • Washing your property on a regular basis acts as preventive maintenance and keeps structural exterior repairs to a minimum. 
    • Professionals pay attention to the smallest details and make sure every part of your property is properly cleaned. 
    • Pros will get your property clean quickly and efficiently, and you will not have to lift a finger. 

    However, you should take your time when choosing a commercial pressure washing company in San Diego and consider the following important factors: 

    • Insured and bonded employees with full workers’ compensation. 
    • Advanced washing machines and equipment for best results and maximum efficiency. 
    • A customizable service that incorporates your specific needs and demands. 
    • Flexible and streamlined scheduling that saves your precious time.
    • Detailed quality checklist that helps provide a constant level of service. 
  • What are the benefits of pressure washing?

    Commercial pressure washing brings numerous benefits to owners of commercial properties. Different types of businesses in San Diego can greatly benefit from this type of service: 

    • Hospitals: Pressure washing a hospital helps: 
      • Prevent pest infestations
      • Protect public health
      • Lower patients’ stress levels
    • Dumpster areas: If you pressure wash your dumpster area, you will: 
      • Prevent risk of falling and injury
      • Improve the curb appeal of the entire area
      • Deter scavengers and other animals
      • Reduce the potential for bug infestation
    • Parking lots and garages: Keeping your parking garage or lot clean will: 
      • Boost your business image
      • Eliminate potential hazards for your workers and customers
      • Prevent long-term structural damage
      • Make it more appealing to new clients
    • Office buildings: Having a cleaning office building can help: 
      • Improve employee morale and productivity
      • Enhance your building’s curb appeal
      • Prevent costly structural repairs
      • Make your business more inviting for new employees
    • Cars and trucks: Keeping your fleet of commercial vehicles clean allows you to: 
      • Maintain a great company image
      • Eliminate dirt and protect your paint
      • Improve your gas mileage
    • Warehouses: Choosing to pressure wash your warehouse enables you to: 
      • Keep it as clean and healthy as possible
      • Make inspections faster and easier
      • Abide to the proscribed standards of your storage industry
    • Shopping malls: If you own a shopping mall, you should think about commercial pressure washing to: 
      • Attract new shoppers
      • Make your mall more pleasant to shop in
      • Raise your brand awareness
  • How do you pressure wash a building?

    Our expert technicians apply a comprehensive approach to commercial pressure and power washing that includes the following stages: 

    1. Inspection: First, our technicians arrive at a commercial property to perform a detailed inspection and create a plan of action that will enable them to do the best job possible. 
    2. Preparation: Then, we will prepare all the necessary equipment and chemicals for the task at hand, as well as remove any potential obstruction from the work area. 
    3. Washing: Once everything is ready, our team will move on to actually washing your commercial building in great detail. 
    4. Checking: Once they’re done, our pros will inspect the work they’ve done to make sure they haven’t missed anything.
  • What do professional pressure washers use?

    The tools professionals implement when pressure washing various commercial properties across San Diego can be divided into two categories: pressure washers and chemicals.

    • Pressure washers: Here are the four most common types of pressure washers
      • Cold-water washers
      • Hot-water washers
      • Electric washers
      • Gas-powered washers

      Also, there are some other useful features the leading experts choose to have on their pressure washers:

      • Soap dispenser
      • Automatic shut-off
      • Interchangeable nozzles
      • Adjustable nozzles
      • Pressure selection
      • High PSI
      • On-board storage
    • Chemicals: When it comes to the chemicals, professionals will choose them according to the type and the purpose of the washing. For example, different chemicals are used for removing rust and for cleaning concrete. 
  • How often should you power wash?

    The exterior of your commercial property is exposed to different weather conditions, as well as the traffic, smog, and other external elements. For example, even pollen can stick to your property’s exterior causing its look and integrity to deteriorate. This means that you should hire professional power washers on a regular basis to ensure your property remains in top condition. 

    Here are some considerations that will help you decide how frequently and in which situations you should schedule a power wash: 

    • Seasonally: Every season brings different exterior cleaning challenges – dust and pollen in the summer and spring, leaves in the fall, and the like. Schedule a power wash at the end of the season to clean all the accumulated dirt. 
    • After spills: If your commercial property is used for work with heavy machinery or trash, you should always pressure wash it after minor and major spills. 
    • After storms: Huge storms can cause a variety of cleaning issues, such as debris and large dirt buildups, making it necessary to pressure wash after every storm. 
    • Additional considerations: Also, depending on the type of commercial property, you may need to have it pressure washed more frequently. For example, hospitals and industrial facilities require frequent pressure washing, as well as rental properties for better curb appeal. 

    However, if you’re still unsure how frequently you should pressure wash your property, contact one of San Diego’s reputable companies and they will help you devise the most adequate schedule.

  • How do you quote a commercial pressure washing job?

    Price is also one of the factors property owners consider when scheduling commercial power washing service. Before making an appointment, you should learn more about how different professionals quote this type of service. 

    Here are some criteria that help companies determine the price of their service: 

    • Measuring the space: First, the pros will have to know the size of your commercial space. There are two types of space measurements:
      • Square footage: Most commercial projects are measured based on the full square footage of the property. 
      • Linear footage: Some specific projects may require the company to measure linear footage, for example power washing a boat. 
    • Pricing strategy: Then, it’s time to settle on a pricing strategy. Some companies prefer to charge a flat rate, while others require you to pay per hour. 
    • Project-based pricing: There are some companies that have different pricing rates for different types of projects.

    At Arrow Commercial Pressure Washing of San Diego, we can set up a consultation, inspect your property, and offer a tailored quote. Feel free to contact us for more information at your convenience.

  • How do I choose a professional commercial pressure & power washing company near me in San Diego, CA?

    All you have to do is contact us! As one of the leading commercial pressure and power washing companies in San Diego, Arrow Commercial Pressure Washing of San Diego is dedicated to offering dependable, convenient, and flexible services. We put in the effort to give your commercial space a thorough cleaning by combining advanced practices and cutting-edge equipment into a single comprehensive service.

    We also take the time to handpick all our employees to ensure only the most experienced and skilled professionals provide the service you need. We’re here to make your property look better, last longer, and bring in more customers by improving your company image. We serve the entire city of San Diego and surrounding communities. Get in touch with us today!