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    We are the leading asphalt paving contractors in San Diego and all the surrounding areas. We will give your commercial property a long-lasting and low-maintenance parking lot, garage, or other exterior areas that will boost your property’s curb appeal and enhance safety and functionality. Our technicians will come to your address, inspect your property, and formulate a personalized service per your exact requirements. Our asphalt services offer an affordable solution that is built to last and stand the test of time with minimal maintenance and investments.

    Reap the benefits of our asphalt paving in San Diego

    • Durability

      We perform expert commercial asphalt paving that ensures you receive a sturdy area to withstand the weight of your vehicles.

    • Costs

      We offer a cost-effective service that gives your commercial property excellent value for our professional workmanship.

    • Maintenance

      We specialize in high-quality asphalt paving in San Diego that ensures minimal maintenance requirements and upkeep.

    • Looks

      We will give your property a good-looking coat of asphalt that will boost its curb appeal and help you attract new customers.

    Your expert commercial asphalt paving contractors

    We have a team of qualified and skilled experts who uphold best industry practices. We carefully screen, interview, check, and vet each prospective candidate before bringing them into our team. We also provide proper training to ensure a high level of service for each of our commercial customers. Finally, our employees follow a detail-oriented quality assurance process to ensure each service complies with our standards. This is how we became the leaders among asphalt paving companies in San Diego and the area.

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    We have a streamlined and intuitive online booking platform that allows you to schedule an appointment with us in under a minute. Or, you can contact our always-helpful customer service team.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What is asphalt paving?

      Asphalt paving is a service that includes covering the outside areas of your commercial property with asphalt in order to give them enhanced functionality, increased safety, and better curb appeal. Asphalt is a mixture of sand, stone, additives, and liquid. This means it has excellent durability and low maintenance requirements.

    • Is asphalt paving a good option?

      Yes, asphalt paving is a good choice for different types of exterior areas for commercial properties, including parking lots, garages, and other areas. In fact, they’re one of the most popular options among business owners in San Diego and the nearby areas. Asphalt paving offers numerous advantages, including: 

      • Longevity and durability
      • Reasonable pricing
      • Low-maintenance and easy upkeep
      • Slick and modern look
    • How long do asphalt parking lots last?

      Asphalt parking lots can last as many as 15 to 20 years if you hire one of San Diego’s reputable asphalt paving companies. In general, the longevity of an asphalt parking lot or garage depends on the following factors: 

      • The quality of the asphalt
      • The amount of exposure to severe weather
      • The quality of installation
      • The quality of maintenance
    • How much does asphalt paving cost?

      It is difficult to provide a cost estimate for  asphalt paving in San Diego without having more information about your commercial property. In order to receive an accurate estimate, it’s best to contact a reputable contractor who will inquire about the necessary information and tell you how much your service will cost. For instance, we determine our service price based on: 

      • The size of the area you want to pave
      • The current cost of materials
      • Special requirements you have
    • Who are the leaders among asphalt paving companies near me in San Diego & the nearby area?

      Our company offers a wide selection of professional asphalt paving and expert commercial pressure washing services in San Diego and other surrounding communities. We bring you a great-looking and modern parking lot, garage, or other exterior areas that will stand the test of time with minimal maintenance on your part. 

      Besides commercial paving, we also offer the following services: 

      Reach out to us, tell us what kind of service you need, and we’ll send a team to your exact address. It doesn’t matter if your commercial property is in City Heights or near the College Area – you can count on us. Rely on our experienced, skilled, and dedicated team to perform high-quality service. Contact us today!