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Extend the life of asphalt surfaces in your commercial property with quality sealcoating.


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    Even the highest grade pavement will eventually deteriorate due to extreme weather conditions and regular vehicle traffic. By applying a specially-formulated liquid coating to your pavement, we will shield it against sun damage, water penetration, and abrasive chemicals. Our team will perform a detailed inspection of your commercial property and devise a custom plan for asphalt parking lot sealcoating in San Diego and the region. We’ll then carry out our service using cutting-edge equipment and methods that guarantee optimal results.

    How our asphalt parking lot & garage sealcoating in San Diego stands out

    • Reliability

      We use quality formulas for parking lot and garage sealing that provide lasting protection against regular wear and tear.

    • Cost-efficiency

      Our pricing is 100% fair and transparent. Our service ensures long-term savings by keeping your assets in great condition.

    • Resilience

      We use premium-quality chemicals that are built to last and only have to be reapplied once every 3 years.

    • Aesthetics

      By safeguarding your pavement against wear, you'll increase both the appeal and functionality of your commercial property.

    Your handpicked crew of parking lot and garage sealing contractors

    Here at Arrow Commercial, we understand that a service is only as good as the team that carries it out. To ensure your total satisfaction and peace of mind, we have a strict recruitment process that specifically targets, attracts, and retains top talent. Our technicians will always arrive on time and meet your needs with maximum diligence and precision. This commitment to excellence has made us the leader among commercial asphalt sealcoating companies in San Diego.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Is asphalt sealcoating necessary?

      While you’re not required by law to reseal your paved surfaces, asphalt sealcoating is still highly recommended because it helps keep your valuable assets in good condition. Unprotected pavement and parking lots will eventually become covered in cracks and potholes that can damage vehicles, ruin your foundation, reduce the appeal and value of your commercial property, and even pose a tripping hazard.

    • When should asphalt be sealed?

      You should give your new pavement at least 90 days to completely cure, compact, and settle before calling in asphalt sealcoating contractors in San Diego. After that, it’s recommended that you reapply the seal on a 3-year basis.

    • What happens if it rains after sealing the parking lot?

      Under good conditions, it takes 4-8 hours for the sealing liquid to dry enough to be able to resist rain damage, and about 24 hours to cure completely. Depending on how severe it is and how long it lasts, rain can wash away some or most of the sealant. 

      To ensure optimal results, asphalt sealcoating companies take weather into account when planning a job and always choose a time that has a high chance of long-lasting protection.

    • How much does asphalt sealcoating typically cost?

      At Arrow Commercial Pressure Washing of San Diego, we take various factors into account when calculating the price of your commercial asphalt sealcoating. These include the approximate square footage of your garage, parking lot, or other exterior area, the shape of the surface, area accessibility, number of coats, and so on. To obtain an accurate quote, make an appointment by filling out our online form or calling our office.

    • Who are experienced asphalt sealcoating contractors near me in San Diego, CA & beyond?

      In addition to asphalt repairs, paving, and sealcoating, Arrow Commercial carries out a broad array of pressure washing services throughout the San Diego region. We boast extensive experience, top-of-the-line tools and supplies, and a crew of highly qualified and experienced technicians. Our services include:

      Our services are available in all parts of the city. It’s all the same to us whether your commercial property is located in Pacific Beach or right next door to the Geisel Library: you can still count on our asphalt sealcoating contractors to show up at the agreed-upon time and meet your needs with utmost care and professionalism. Book your appointment today, or reach out to us directly if you’d like to ask further questions.