Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between a commercial pressure wash and power wash?

    Both commercial power and pressure washing refer to the process of using water sprays under high pressure to clean dirt, buildup, grime, and stubborn stains off commercial properties. The main differences between pressure and power washing is the temperature of the water used in the process.

    Commercial power washing uses hot water, more specifically water at temperatures between 205 and 320 degrees, depending on the surfaces and the type of dirt the professional wants to clean. On the other hand, pressure washing uses cold water. In both cases, the pressure of water is around 3000 psi and has a discharge rate of five gallons per minute.

  • What is the purpose of pressure washing?

    The main purpose of commercial pressure washing is the cleaning of hard stains off the outdoor surfaces of your property. Pressure washing is often the only way for removing the most stubborn stains and grime you would otherwise never be able to get rid of. Also, pressure washing disinfects your outdoor areas, gets rid of insect infestations, and deters pests.

  • Why should I hire a commercial pressure washing company?

    Reputable commercial pressure washing companies in San Diego offer an unparalleled level of outdoor cleaning. There are three biggest reasons why you should at least consider hiring professional commercial pressure washers: 

    • Preventive maintenance: Pressure washing your commercial property on a regular basis keeps your building in good shape and reduces the need for expensive structural repairs. 
    • Attention to details: Professionals are well-versed in tackling even the tiniest of details when pressure washing your commercial building, which means they will not skip anything. 
    • Efficient and quick: Hiring professionals ensures the cleaning of your commercial property transpires quickly, efficiently, and without any need for your participation other than stating special requirements. 
  • What are the advantages of commercial power washing?

    There are many advantages commercial property owners can reap from regular power washing. Here are some of the biggest advantages of power washing by category based on the type of commercial property: 

    • Shopping mall: Power washing your shopping center ensures you will raise brand awareness, create a more pleasant shopping environment, and attract fresh business. 
    • Warehouse: When you power wash your warehouse, you ensure it’s clean, healthy, up to the latest rules and regulations, and suitable for detailed professional inspections. 
    • Offices: Maintaining your office space clean will boost employee productivity and morale, increase curb appeal, and prevent numerous costly structural repairs.
    • Garage and parking lot: Power washing your garage and parking lot creates a better professional image, gets rid of health and safety hazards, and acts as preventive maintenance. 
    • Dumpster area: It’s essential to regularly power wash dumpster areas to eliminate various health hazards, prevent risk of injury, eliminate bug infestations and deter other scavengers. 
    • Hospital: If you power wash a hospital you will prevent infestations, lower the stress levels of patients, and reduce the potential for various infestations. 
    • Sidewalk and patio: Keeping sidewalks and patios clean with power washing reduces the potential for injury, enhances curb appeal, and promotes user satisfaction. 
    • Condo: Power washing your condos and HOAs will ensure they abide by the strict codes of the Homeowner’s Association and keep your tenants healthy and happy. 
  • How do I choose a commercial power washing company?

    When you decide to hire professionals to handle your commercial power washing needs, it’s vital to ensure you’re hiring the right company for the job. Here’s what you should look for in a commercial power washing company in San Diego: 

    • Insured, licensed, and bonded professionals with complete workers’ compensation.
    • Cutting-edge power washing equipment and machines for best possible results. 
    • Tailor-made power washing service per your exact requirements. 
    • Streamlined and flexible scheduling for utmost convenience and comfort. 
    • Comprehensive quality assurance checklist for a constant quality of service. 
  • Why should I pressure wash my fleet?

    Pressure washing your fleet is one of the best ways to keep it in pristine condition for as long as possible. Take a look at some of the biggest reasons why you should immediately schedule a commercial pressure washing service for your fleet of vehicles in San Diego: 

    • You will get shiny clean vehicles that your employees can proudly drive around and show off your logo on. Also, the cleaner the vehicle, the more visible your logo is, boosting company representation. 
    • Hiring professional pressure washers is the fastest, most efficient, and most comprehensive method for cleaning your fleet of commercial vehicles. Also, you don’t have to lift a finger – leave everything to the pros. 
    • A thoroughly clean vehicle is more aerodynamic, which translates into better gas mileage. While this can sound negligible, your vehicles will actually improve their gas mileage by 2 to 3 miles per gallon.
    • Pressure washing boosts the longevity of your vehicles by removing harmful dirt and stains, and it also prevents costly and unattractive paint damage. 
  • What are the benefits of power washing my heavy equipment?

    If you’re in the industrial sector, with many pieces of heavy machinery you utilize on a daily basis, there are several benefits commercial power washing can bring to your daily operations:

    • Lower risk of overheating: Equipment that regularly receives comprehensive power washing is free from grease and mud, which improves the functionality of the cooling system, preventing overheating and boosting your euqipment’s lifespan. 
    • Less downtime: Professional power washers are efficient and do their jobs quickly, which ensures minimal downtime for your machinery. Also, the removal of branches, rocks, and other debris boosts your equipment’s reliability. 
    • Improved performance: As your heavy machines accumulate dirt, grease, and debris, there is more friction between operation parts which impacts the performance of your equipment. Power washing removes all dirt and allows your machines to operate at top performance. 
  • How do professional power washers clean a building?

    Experienced providers of full-service power washing in San Diego adopt a comprehensive approach to cleaning. Their process consists of the following essential steps that ensure maximum efficiency and optimal results: 

    • A detail-oriented inspection of your commercial property
    • Careful selection of the most adequate cleaning products and power washing equipment
    • Pressure adjustment to ensure efficient cleaning without damage to your property
    • Selection of the most adequate nozzles and attachments for the task at hand
    • Detailed preparation of your property for power washing
    • Implementation of your specific requests and requirements
    • Power washing of your property
    • Final inspection to ensure proper cleaning
  • How often should I hire professionals for power washing?

    The frequency of hiring professional commercial power washers mostly depends on the type of cleaning you need. For example, dumpster pads, due to their use, require monthly power washing to keep in pristine condition.

    On the other hand, you can power wash your building exterior seasonally to ensure maximum curb appeal. The best way to determine the frequency of your appointment is to contact professionals and work out a schedule together.

  • How much does commercial pressure washing cost?

    When trying to estimate the costs of a commercial pressure washing service in San Diego, professionals take several important factors into account: 

    • The size of the area
    • The type of material
    • The necessary cleaning agents
    • The equipment they have to use
    • The special requirements the customer has