Detailed Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning in San Diego

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    Expert kitchen hood cleaning for safety & efficiency

    We perform specialized commercial kitchen hood cleaning in San Diego and nearby communities. We combine advanced equipment, effective chemicals, and cutting-edge products to give your exhaust system a comprehensive treatment. Our technicians will get rid of smoke residue and grease buildup to give you spotless vents, hoods, and ductwork without any bad smells. We tackle all vital components of your exhaust system on the interior and exterior, including filters, fans, and grease traps. Our service fully complies with all the relevant NFPA 96 Standard guidelines and ensures your commercial kitchen meets all the requirements.

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    Why book us for commercial kitchen hood cleaning in San Diego

    • Liability

      Regular commercial kitchen hood cleaning ensures you’re not fully liable in case of an unforeseen fire hazard.

    • Equipment

      Your exhaust system will operate more efficiently and for a prolonged period of time, lowering maintenance and repair costs.

    • Health

      Our technicians will clean the vital components of your system to ensure compliance with all health and safety codes.

    • Hazards

      Clean vents, hoods, and ductwork drastically lower the potential for unwanted fire hazards in your commercial kitchen.

    Your skilled & qualified technicians

    We have a team of skilled, qualified, and experienced technicians who undergo extensive vetting, checking, and interviewing to ensure they are a good fit for our company. They receive the necessary training and education in proper kitchen hood cleaning and have the certification required by the NFPA. They will carefully handle and clean all the vital components of your vent and hood using advanced products and chemicals. Our service greatly reduces the risk of unwanted fire hazards in commercial properties, improves IAQ in your San Diego establishment, boosts the exhaust system efficiency, and creates a better workplace for your staff.

    Top-to-bottom sanitization of your commercial kitchen hood

    We’ll do more than just completely clean the hood and the entire exhaust system in your commercial kitchen. Our technicians will also use advanced, effective, and EPA-approved products and chemicals to fully sanitize your entire exhaust system. This is how we ensure your commercial property complies with all existing CDC health and safety standards and that your establishment is safe for both your clients and your employees. We’ll get rid of invisible viruses, bacteria, and germs, enhancing the indoor air quality and granting you a healthy environment that complies with all legal requirements.

    Schedule your service in under a minute

    Our fast and efficient online scheduling system allows you to book your commercial kitchen hood cleaning in less than a minute. Just fill in the details and let us take over. Enjoy excellent results in no time!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Is commercial kitchen hood sanitizing important for CDC health & safety regulations?

      Yes, cleaning and sanitizing your commercial kitchen hood, vents, and the rest of the exhaust system is paramount for ensuring compliance with relevant CDC regulations and making your establishment safe for your employees and clients.
      Improper sanitizing of your exhaust system will allow potentially harmful particles, including bacteria and viruses, to enter your property’s ventilation. This places your staff and clients in danger. Therefore, hiring professionals to sanitize the hoods, vents, and ducts of your kitchen exhaust system is essential for maintaining a healthy and compliant commercial facility.

    • How do you clean a commercial grill hood?

      At Arrow Commercial Pressure Washing of San Diego, we have created a detail-oriented system for cleaning commercial kitchen grill hoods that consists of the following steps:

      • Grease traps: We approach this part of the process by:
        • Removing the traps
        • Removing the grease
        • Preparing the chemicals, products, and water
        • Soaking the traps
        • Drying out the traps
      • Filters: We tackle this section of the hood by:
        • Removing the filters
        • Preparing the solutions and water
        • Soaking the filters in the solution
        • Removing and scrubbing
        • Drying the filters out
      • Hood exterior and interior: We clean this portion of the hood by:
        • Preparing all the necessary chemicals and supplies
        • Scrubbing the fan and the interior of the vent
        • Carefully wiping the interior and the fan
        • Scrubbing and wiping off exterior of the vent
        • Reinstalling the filters and the grease traps
    • Do you need to be certified to clean commercial kitchen hoods?

      Yes, the NFPA 96 Standard requires adequate training, qualifications, and certifications to be able to clean vents, hoods, and ducts in different types of commercial establishments across San Diego and all other surrounding areas.

    • How often should commercial kitchen hoods be cleaned?

      The National Fire Protection Agency, or NFPA for short, has adopted a 96 Standard that carefully prescribes the frequency for commercial kitchen hood cleaning in San Diego based on the use and volume of cooking:

      • Systems that use solid fuel for cooking require monthly professional services.
      • Systems that serve high-volumes of customers and cooking or operate 24 hours a day.
      • Systems that serve moderate volumes of cooking and clients require semi-annual service.
      • Systems with low-volume operations, such as senior centers, churches, or day camps require annual service.
    • How much does it cost to clean a commercial kitchen hood?

      The cost of commercial kitchen hood cleaning in San Diego depends on several important factors, including:

      • The current condition of the exhaust system
      • The number of hoods
      • The configuration and the size of the entire system
      • The exhaust fans
      • The accessibility and the length of the ductwork
    • Who provides in-depth commercial kitchen hood cleaning near me in San Diego, CA?

      We’re your reputable providers of commercial cleaning, power, and pressure washing in San Diego and all surrounding areas. We’re here to thoroughly clean the hood and vent in your commercial kitchen and ensure it’s safe and functional. What’s more, we also offer:

      We foster a professional, detailed, and transparent approach that ensures your maximum satisfaction. We’re here for you whether your commercial kitchen is in Chollas View or Del Cerro. Just give us a call and we’ll take it from there.