Expert Parking Lot & Garage Pressure Washing in San Diego

Eliminate potential risks & health hazards from your premises.

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Comprehensive parking lot pressure washing

We offer expert parking lot, parkade, and parking garage pressure washing across San Diego and all its surrounding communities. We employ a team of experienced and dedicated technicians capable of cleaning your commercial property per current health and safety regulations. Our quality assurance checklist includes removal of excess salt, oil stains, and compacted dirt buildup. We will even clean the exposed piping in your underground garage, as well as pillars and walls per your specific request. Our 25 years of industry experience give us the knowledge and the expertise to ensure your parking garage looks fresh and inviting to your potential customers.

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Why book us for parking garage pressure washing in San Diego

  • We highly value honesty

    We foster a business culture of professional excellence that emphasizes prompt response, high-quality service, transparent communication and reasonable prices.

  • We customize your service

    We personalize our parking lot pressure washing to suit our client’s particular needs and we will tackle the different additional sections of your lot or garage per your needs.

  • Our staff is insured & vetted

    Our company is a team of skilled, insured, bonded, checked, and vetted experts who have full workers’ compensation for your safety and security.

  • We focus on quality assurance

    All our technicians closely follow a detailed quality assurance checklist to ensure they remove salt residue, oily stains, and other tough dirt buildup in your lot or garage.

Meet your qualified professionals

We perform comprehensive employee screening that ensures only the best candidates become part of our team. Our process consists of stringent vetting, careful background checks, and detailed interviews. Once hired, our staff undergoes training in the procedures and methods we use to become skilled at removing oil salt, and other heavy buildup from your premises. Finally, all our technicians are fully insured and bonded, and they have workers’ compensation. They follow a detailed quality assurance checklist and incorporate all your special requests to ensure your maximum satisfaction with our parking garage pressure washing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you pressure wash a parking lot?

    At Arrow Commercial Pressure Washing of San Diego, we combine tried-and-tested methods with cutting-edge equipment and advanced chemicals to provide high-quality services. Our technicians have years of experience performing detailed parking lot and parking garage pressure washing, ensuring your commercial property receives the best possible treatment.

  • Why should I pressure wash my parking garage?

    There are numerous reasons for hiring professionals to pressure wash your parking garage or parking lot in San Diego. Some of the biggest advantages include:

    • A clean parking lot is more appealing to potential customers
    • You lower the risk of parking garage injuries and accidents
    • You increase the durability and longevity of your lot
    • You protect your garage from pest and insect infestations
    • You increase health standards by removing oil stains and excess salt buildup
  • How long does parking lot pressure washing take?

    The duration of parking lot pressure washing can take from one to more hours, depending on several factors. While size is the primary factor, you should also consider the layout of your lot or garage when trying to determine how long the professionals will take to clean your property.

    For example, features such as narrow sections, gardens, and concrete dividers will increase the duration of the service. At our company, we create an individualized plan of the service to ensure maximum speed and efficiency without compromising on the quality. Give us a call today!

  • How much does it cost to pressure wash a parking garage?

    The three main factors that affect the price of parking lot or parking garage pressure washing in San Diego are:

    • The size of your parking garage or parking lot
    • The current level of buildup
    • The additional requests you have

    However, it’s impossible to come up with a precise estimate without contacting your company of choice and giving them the information they need. Reach out to a reputable provider of the service you need and request a quote.

  • Which company performs detailed parking lot & garage pressure washing in San Diego, CA & the area?

    We’re the leading company for different types of commercial pressure and power washing services in San Diego and the nearby communities. Besides addressing the issues unique to parking lots and garages, we also provide:

    Our company focuses on providing an expert and detail-oriented service that helps our commercial clients create a healthy, safe, and visually appealing environment. It doesn’t matter if your parking lot or garage is in Carmel Valley or Middletown, we’re here to get it clean, fresh, and inviting. Reach out to us today!