Detail-Oriented Commercial Pressure Washing Services In San Diego, CA

Our pressure washing ensures a professional look and enhances safety.

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    Comprehensive commercial pressure washing in San Diego

    Arrow Commercial Pressure Washing of San Diego is a reputable provider of efficient and reliable power and pressure washing services. We specialize in cleaning different types of commercial properties, including parking lots, garages, restaurants, HOAs, condo apartments, banks, credit unions, dumpster areas, sidewalks, and patios. With significant amount of experience in the industry, we have been voted the best commercial pressure washing company in San Diego.

    We utilize modern equipment in combination with efficient products to perform comprehensive and detailed cleanings you will be happy with. We’ll get your commercial property clean, safe, and looking good, so get a professional quote today!

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    The advantages of choosing our pressure washing company

    • Honesty, dedication, professionalism

      We have created a company culture of professional excellence that rests on customizable and flexible service, timely response, and honest and transparent communication with all our customers.

    • Efficient, thorough, detailed

      We will listen to your specific requirements concerning your commercial pressure wash in San Diego before implementing all your suggestions, all the while paying attention to even the tiniest of details.

    • Insured, checked, and vetted staff

      We have taken the time to assemble a team of insured and bonded pressure washers with full workers’ compensation by checking their professional credentials to ensure they are able to uphold our high standards of quality.

    • Comprehensive quality checklist

      We have designed an extensive quality checklist that every single one of our employees follows in order to give your commercial property an identical level of service during every appointment.

    We always guarantee the satisfaction of our customers

    At Arrow Commercial Pressure Washing of San Diego, we base our professional excellence on the skills, the experience, and the qualifications of our employees. They are fully vetted, background-checked, licensed, and insured professionals carefully trained in our efficient cleaning practices. They will listen to your specific request and pressure wash your commercial property in San Diego and the area per your exact specifications. This is how we ensure maximum customer satisfaction during every job we perform. However, if there’s anything not entirely per your liking, you can contact us immediately, tell us what’s wrong, and we’ll send out an experienced pressure washer to re-clean the area completely free of charge. We want to see you smiling!

    You’re a minute away from booking the leading pressure washing services in San Diego

    Schedule a high-quality pressure washing by either calling our helpful customer service staff or by using our intuitive online platform below. Hiring expert pressure washers has never been easier.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What is commercial pressure washing?

      Specialized pressure washing of commercial properties in San Diego is a cleaning service that uses water spray under high pressure to remove dirt and stubborn stains from different types of surfaces and properties. Pressure washing uses cold water mixed with professional cleaning agents to provide exceptional cleaning for a healthier, safer, and better looking commercial property.

    • Is commercial pressure washing worth it?

      Yes, scheduling professional commercial pressure washing services in San Diego is definitely worth the investment. Expert pressure washers are able to thoroughly clean different types of commercial properties and areas and bring you the following benefits: 

      • Enhanced curb appeal and better professional image
      • Eliminate health and safety hazards
      • Save you money on repair and maintenance costs
      • Disinfection of all the outdoor areas, including walls
      • Boosts the value of your property
      • It extends the life of your property
    • How do professionals pressure wash a commercial building?

      The main thing that separates professional pressure and power washing companies from other amateur enthusiasts is the step-by-step process they implement during every single job they do.This is what a comprehensive professional pressure washing service in San Diego consist of: 

      • A detailed and careful inspection of the commercial property
      • Selection of the adequate cleaning agents and pressure washing equipment for the job
      • Adjustment of the pressure for the material in question
      • Choice of the right nozzle 
      • Exterior building preparation
      • Implementation of any customer-specific requests
      • Pressure washing of the commercial property
      • Post-cleaning walkthrough to inspect the results
    • What do professional pressure washers use?

      Providers of commercial pressure washing services in San Diego use a combination of adequate cleaning chemicals and cutting-edge equipment to perform high-quality cleanings of your property: 

      • Chemicals: Here are some of the most common types of commercial cleaning agents pros use: 
        • Oxalic acid: Excellent for rust removal.
        • Citric acid: Great for removing stains and cleaning wooden decks or concrete driveways.
        • Sodium hypochlorite: Used for stain removal and disinfection.
        • Sodium hydroxide: A cleaning solution for dissolving fats and grease off steel and glass.
        • Other specialized cleaning solutions. 
      • Equipment: Besides using advanced pressure washers, professionals also use the following accessories, depending on the situation: 
        • Multi-function nozzles
        • Rotating nozzles
        • Extended reach wands
        • Extension hoses
        • Pivot couplers
        • Gutter cleaners
        • Hose reels
        • Sand injectors
    • Who are the leading commercial pressure washers near me in San Diego, CA & all the surrounding areas?

      Arrow Commercial Pressure Washing of San Diego is your go-to power and pressure washing company in San Diego, all the surrounding communities, and across the entire region. You can rely on us to get your commercial property spotless, healthy, and safe for all the people using it. We will get rid of the most stubborn stains, boost the visual appeal of your property, and help deter pests. 

      We offer our power washing services to hotels, office buildings, and many more . We even tackle pressure washing heavy industry equipment.

      Over the course of time, we have managed to rise to the top of the pressure and power washing industry. We use only the most efficient cleaning solutions combined with advanced tools and equipment to offer the highest possible quality of service. We want you completely satisfied with the work we’ve done. 

      It doesn’t matter if your commercial property is located near the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, or in the vicinity of the USS Midway Museum – you can count on us. Just give us your address and we will promptly dispatch a team of experienced pressure washers to your location. From there, everything else is up to us. Reach out to us a day and schedule a cleaning.