In-Depth Restaurant Cleaning Services in San Diego

Turn to us & ensure safety, hygiene & compliance in your restaurant.

    Comprehensive restaurant cleaning service per health & safety standards

    We provide detail-oriented restaurang cleaning services in San Diego and all other surrounding communities. From handling the exterior areas to tackling dirt and grime in the hoods, we help maintain your restaurant cleanliness. This way, we ensure a safer and healthier environment for your employees and customers, a more inviting atmosphere for your clients, better company image, and minimized risk of cross contamination. What’s more, we have extensive checklists designed according to all current FDA guidelines and requirements, helping your restaurant meet the necessary codes and regulations.

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    Why we’re the top choice for restaurant cleaning in San Diego

    • Equipment

      Our experienced technicians use advanced tools, equipment, and supplies specialized for in-depth restaurant cleaning.

    • Safety

      Our cleaners follow detailed guidelines that eliminate viruses and bacteria, giving your staff and clients a healthy environment.

    • Regulations

      We follow comprehensive quality assurance checklists that ensure your restaurant abides by all current FDA rules and regulations.

    • Health

      We will clean your restaurant in compliance with all the current health and safety codes to ensure it meets the legal requirements.

    Your experienced & dedicated professionals

    We handpick skilled, qualified, experienced, and dedicated technicians who further undergo comprehensive background checks, interviews, and vetting procedures. This is how we ensure maximum quality of our restaurant cleaning services in San Diego and the nearby area. Our technicians follow detailed FDA-approved checklists for ensuring both your back and front areas are clean, healthy, and per current health and safety regulations. This way, we help reduce risk of fire and workplace injuries, lower the potential for mold and mildew, boost your indoor air quality, and hamper the spread of viruses and bacteria.

    Comprehensive restaurant sanitization for total compliance

    Besides thoroughly cleaning your entire restaurant, we’ll also sanitize your property to ensure compliance with the health and safety code established by the CDC. Our technicians will combine advanced EPA-approved products and chemicals with cutting-edge equipment and tools to get your front and back of house free from viruses, germs, and bacteria. This ensures the necessary legal compliance and safety of your commercial property. From cooking stations to tables and seats, we’ll sanitize all surfaces per relevant rules and regulations.

    Hire our services in just a minute

    It takes no more than a minute to book your restaurant cleaning service using our intuitive online platform. Fill in the details, pick the time that suits you, and submit a request. We’re here to take over and help you ensure a high level of hygiene in your restaurant. Book today!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • How do I ensure my restaurant is up to current health code regulations?

      To make sure your entire restaurant meets the existing health and safety requirements, you need to use EPA-approved cleaners and disinfectants and tackle the following areas in your restaurant:

      • Front of house: Sanitize bathrooms, walls, floors, registers, countertops, tables, and seats.
      • Back of house: Sanitize ceilings, walls, floors, sink areas, food storage, walk-in coolers, refrigerators, equipment, preparation areas, countertops, exhaust systems (kitchen hood and vents).

      Additionally, it’s highly recommended that you contact experienced professionals since they have both experience and equipment to handle this properly. Also, industry professionals are familiar with relevant regulations and know which areas require some extra attention.

    • What are the benefits of professional restaurant cleaning service?

      Hiring a professional restaurant cleaning service in San Diego to take care of your facility will yield numerous benefits, including:

      • A higher standard of cleanliness and service
      • Safer and healthier environment for your customers and staff
      • Prolonged lifespan of equipment and machines
      •  Compliance with all the necessary health and safety standards
      • Enhanced employee and customer satisfaction
      • Better company image


    • What needs to be cleaned in a restaurant?

      A comprehensive restaurant cleaning checklist for your property in San Diego should include the following:

      • Back of house: Keeping your back of house clean requires you to perform the following tasks:
        • Daily
          • Washing fryers
          • Sanitizing surfaces
          • Brushing grills
          • Emptying sanitizing bins
          • Throwing all rags into the laundry
          • Laundering chef coats and aprons
          • Sanitizing cheese and meat slicers
          • Mopping and sweeping floors
          • Wiping ice machine exterior
          • Tackling hood filters and grease traps
          • Replacing liners on range and grill
          • Emptying recyclables and trash cans
          • Washing floor mats
          • Emptying and wiping steam tables
          • Sanitizing soda guns, faucets, and sinks
          • Disposing of oil and grease properly
        • Weekly
          • Washing ovens
          • Emptying and sanitizing refrigerators and reach-in coolers
          • Taking care of coffee machines
          • Flushing floor drains
          • Washing walls
        • Monthly
          • Dealing with all heavy grease buildup on booths, chairs, tabletops, and bar
          • Emptying and wiping freezers
          • Washing ceilings
          • Emptying and sanitizing ice bins
          • Checking equipment and knives
          • Checking for rodent and pest droppings
      • Front of house: Getting your front clean requires you to do these chores:
        • Daily
          • Washing all surfaces with sanitized rags
          • Sanitizing restrooms multiple times per shift if necessary
          • Sweeping and mopping floors
          • Checking menus
          • Wiping dispensers for condiments
        • Weekly
          • Dusting
          • Taking care of tables and chair legs
          • Wiping down baseboards

      Or you can simply make it easy on yourself and hire Arrow Commercial Pressure Washing of San Diego. We’ll get your restaurant spotless by tackling all of the essential tasks. Also, we will ensure your commercial property abides by relevant health and safety regulations. Give us a call today!

    • How do you clean a restaurant floor?

      To keep the floor of your restaurant clean and spotless at all times, you should apply the following routine on a regular basis:

      • Sweeping the floor
      • Applying a chemical degreaser
      • Scrubbing the floor with stiff-bristled brush
      • Removing degreaser residue
      • Air-drying the floor


    • How much does it cost to clean a restaurant?

      The cost of an expert restaurant cleaning service in San Diego depends on several factors, including:

      • The size of the restaurant
      • The current state
      • The special requests you have

      It’s best to contact a reputable local provider of these services and inquire about the cost estimate. They will ask you for the necessary information and tell you how high the price would be.

    • Who offers comprehensive restaurant cleaning services near me in San Diego, CA & the nearby area?

      Our company provides a wide range of commercial cleaning and pressure washing services across San Diego and nearby communities. Besides performing an in-depth cleanup of your restaurant area per valid health and safety standards, we also offer:

      We have a detail-oriented approach that ensures maximum cleanliness of your property and safety of your guests. We’re here for you whether your restaurant is in Kensington or Serra Mesa. Contact us today and tell us what we can do for you.